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Cáñamo Industrial

Hemp can save the world.

Jack Herer

The cultivation of industrial hemp arouses more and more interest, both for its thousands of possible traditional uses, and its increasingly valued non-psychoactive cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC, etc.). Today it is a worldwide emerging crop, encountering a large number of farmers and companies interested in this sector.

We are experts in the cultivation of industrial hemp and the cultivation of medical cannabis with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, at all levels from outdoor crops, greenhouses or indoor.

From our company, we have a team of specialised technicians capable of planning, designing, managing and supervising all phases of your business project from an agronomic and technical perspective.

Besides, apart from dedicating ourselves to the design, technical advice and execution on the field. Also, we can carry out all kinds of procedures, such as purchase contracts for the sale of final products to management at the level of licenses or special permits, which may be authorisations for the AEMPS or improvement plans (plant breeding) for the registration of new varieties.

As for the advice, we are not pure field advisors, but we go one step further, comprehensive information (nutrition, pests, diseases, weeds), we are dedicated to offering you with guarantees the best facilities suitable for your operation, solving your problems of processing and transformation maximizing its benefits and establishing a solid foundation for the prosperity of your business.

Expert Reports

Informes Periciales

Por cannabis se entiende las sumidades, floridas o con fruto, de la planta de la cannabis (a excepción de la semilla y las hojas no unidas a las sumidades de las cuales no se ha extraído la resina, cualquiera que sea el nombre con que se las designe).

Artículo 1; Convención Unica sobre Estupefacientes, 1961.

In most of the seizures of cannabis plants, several mistakes are made, both in protocol and in estimating the amount of cannabis suitable for use as a narcotic. Commonly, the roots and lower part of the main stem are cut, and the rest is counted as if they were buds ready for consumption, even if they are, in many cases, growing plants that have not yet developed flowers. In more extreme cases, whole plants are weighed, with roots and root ball included.

Irregularities in police and laboratory personnel actions are common and more common than they should be since the freedom of the accused is at stake:

-Inconsistencies in the chain of custody.

- Failure to comply with the United Nations action protocols on sampling and audited parties (ST / NAR / 40).

-Lack of scientific rigour in the analytics performed and presentation of the results.

-Errors in the determination of the Net Weight (flowery and dry summers) of the material seized.

- Exorbitant economic valuations, made from erroneous pesos.

The main objectives of an Expert Report are the following:

1- Analysis of Prior Measures (Record of entry and registration, exposure, laboratory analytics, economic valuations, imputed statements, etcetera).

2- Detect possible methodological and metrological errors, check if the United Nations protocols (UNODC) have been followed correctly.

3 - Determine that based on the data provided, we can state with scientific rigour that the intervened substances have been analysed correctly and we can draw firm conclusions about the material, its composition and nature.

4 - Determine the net amount of cannabis suitable for consumption as a narcotic of the material seized.

The figure of the Agricultural Expert in cases related to seizures of cannabis takes more and more relevance in trials against public health, becomes the first line of defence for the acquittal of the accused, and positively influences the sentence handed down by the judge.

In more than ten years that we have been working as agricultural judicial experts in cases related to cannabis and its derivatives, the preparation of the Expert Report has always been favourable for the accused, achieving most of the time his acquittal.

The main task of the expert in the oral defence of the Report, as of any technician required in court, is to clarify to the judge, prosecutor and lawyer technical and scientific issues that they do not have to know. In my case, cannabis generalities, about its cultivation, nature and about what part of the plant is considered suitable for consumption as a narcotic.

The work of the Judicial Expert is diverse and continually adapts to the particular needs of each case;

- Preparation of expert and counter-expert reports.

- Visits to laboratories to examine the seized material and determine the Net Weight (cannabis suitable for use as a narcotic).

- Taking samples and independent analytics to obtain the cannabinoid profile (THC, CBD, and CBN) of the seized material.

- Presentation and oral defence in the trial, of the report, made.

- Surveys of crop damage (pests, diseases, thefts, seizures, etcetera).

Las labores del Perito Judicial son diversas y se adaptan continuamente a las necesidades particulares de cada caso; – Realización de Informes Periciales y contrapericiales. - Visitas a los laboratorios para examinar el material incautado y determinar el Peso Neto (cannabis apto para su consumo como estupefaciente). - Toma de muestras y analíticas independientes para la obtención del perfil de cannabinoides (THC, CBD, y CBN) del material incautado. - Exposición y defensa oral en el juicio, del informe realizado. - Peritaciones de daños en los cultivos (plagas, enfermedades, robos, incautaciones…).


Intermediación (Broker)

We intercede, manage, supervise purchase and sale contracts offering solutions and products of the highest quality appropriate to the needs of the client and ensuring productions, product and prices.

Otros Servicios

Otros Servicios

Agricultural Project Management

We design, coordinate and carry on all phases of your project from a business and technical perspective.

Summary of our services:

  • Development of the organisational structure and the project
  • Coordination of the parties involved in the provision of services
  • Supervision and advice

Environmental Impact Studies

The need to study the consequences of broad public and private infrastructures produce on the environment has generated a tool of marked scientific and interdisciplinary character, capable of mediating and correcting the planning and decision-making process in the execution of projects and their environmental consequences.